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Default Volkswagen Remapping

Main Benefits
10-20% Better MPG
Smoother Acceleration
Removes Flats Spots
Improve Towing
Environmentally Friendly
Invisible Software Update

Rapid Remaps have developed an Outstanding reputation for first class friendly service and excellent results.

To further promote our name and create even more brand awareness we will be running a series of special offers aimed at certain vehicle groups.

We only ever quote 10-20% fuel efficiency gains to avoid creating unrealistic expectations, we would sooner under promise and over deliver than the other way round.

Whatever you want from your remap, POWER or Fuel Efficiency

You only need to check out our customer testimonial section on our website to see the results we achieve.

Don't mistake this for a cheap price being offered by a fly by night operator (of which there are a few) Rapid Remaps has an established reputation and this is a genuine time limited price
reduction offer.

ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning are one and the same thing in terms of what is delivered, the name chip tuning originally developed because at one time, the chip itself had to be removed, reprogrammed or replaced - Hence the name Chip Tuning.

Nowadays, many vehicles can be remapped via the vehicles diagnostic port (OBD)

The end results are exactly the same, it is only the method of accessing the engine management software that differs.

All remapping work is carried out by appointment only, as this avoids bottle necks or having to try and deal with multiple vehicles at any one time as we like to focus on each individual vehicle.

Fuel Prices Continue To Soar!

Whether you drive a vehicle for business or pleasure, it won't have escaped your attention that filling your tank now, costs a lot more than it used to.

Using the latest high tech equipment, our software experts can reprogram your vehicles ecu software, to offer you a Genuine MPG Improvement of 10-20%

Every time you fill your tank you save more and more money!!

Don't just take our word for it view our customer testimonials and even contact some of our existing customers, for upto date feedback

For full details and to view our many customer testimonials visit our website

Rapid Remaps 2008 all rights reserved
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