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Default FORD TRANSIT 0470504024 / 0986444011 Diesel Pump REPAIR Or EXCHANGE

Electronic Diesel Fuel Pumps FORD Transit

The electronic fuel pump is at the centre of every electronic fuel injection system, and when it fails your vehicle will not run.

When your pump fails, there used to be just 4 choices
New pump (usually a very expensive option that may cost as much if not more than the vehicle is worth) Refurbished Pump (not always as refurbished as you may think) 2nd Hand Pump (hard to find the correct one and can fail at anytimeleaving you where you started, with a vehicle that doesn’t work) Scrap the vehicle and start again

BUT Now there is a 5th option – an EDC control unit repair

The Main Benefits Are:

It is more cost effective than a new or quality refurbished pump
It is a safer option than a 2nd hand pump with unknown life expectancy
Unless you are buying a new Bosch pump or a quality refurbished unit from an authorised Bosch agent, you could be buying more trouble and Yet another expense for yourself.

Your Pump EDC Repaired vs. NEW Pump

In an ideal world a new pump would be the best choice, however the high costs involved often mean that a new pump would cost as much if not more than the vehicle was actually worth!

Your Pump EDC Repaired vs. Refurbished Pumps

Some so called refurbished fuel pumps are a concern. Their lower price may appeal to some buyers, but may not represent value for money.

Some Refurbished Pumps Are Not So Good!

An analysis of refurbished fuel pumps from a major aftermarket supplier found that critical parts inside the pump motor had not even been replaced! There was even rust on the surface of some pump housings.

Your Pump EDC Repaired vs. 2nd Hand Pumps

Their lower price may May sound great to some buyers, but may not represent value for money because there is no way of telling just how long these pumps will last, and the money you may save could end up costing you a lot more if that pump’s electronic control unit also fails.

Why take a chance on a poor quality refurbished and 2nd hand pumps or incur the expense of a new pump, when there is a much more viable option on offer

D.I.Y Warning

If the EDC unit has been opened when it reaches us, we will not attempt a repair, as these units can be so easily damaged by contamination or even light pressure on the Hybrid Component Technology within.

Don't try this at home, we use specialist equipment to repair these electronic control units, even if you knew what you were doing it would be impossible to repair these units without high quality specialist equipment.

Vauxhall - Ford - BMW - VW - Audi - SAAB - Man - Cummins

For more information:
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Tachosoft UK Limited
8 West Cannock Way
Chase Enterprise Centre
WS12 0QW
--Strictly by Appointment Only--

Tel: +441212885844
Txt: +447535115115
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