View Full Version : Renault Megane Scenic 6 Pin Electronic Window Regulator Faults

22-11-2012, 18:30
I thought i would add a quick post here for anyone with a megane or scenic with a window reg fault.

Temic 6-Pin regulator, often with codes such as:
TEMIC 0675 D3 440788 HW C6 SW 1.7 PD 29.11.05 PASS4 PASS 4
TEMIC 0675 D4 440726 J4 HW C6 SW 1.7 PD 14.12.07 PASS3 PASS 3
TEMIC 0675 C9 440726 F HW C5 SW 1.7 PD 15.06.04 PASS4 PASS 4

The repair Video:

2x Reg Repair Kit

The failure explained.. water ingress quite simply. Water corrodes the printed circuit board under the 6-pin connector creating a resistance and also corrodes neighbouring surface mount capacitors.. in some cases, the corrosion even progresses under the current shunt (the bridge connection) creating resistance between it and the circuit board. The solution is simple, remove all the parts, clean away the corrosion damage and replace with new components.

Now due to the fact electrons flow 'around' the surface of a conduitor and not 'through' it.. cleaning up what is left of the copper circuit board will 99% of the time be an effective repair, we also advise to seal any repairs with some 'conformal coating' or 'pcb laquer' for prevent any re-occurance.

Prevention.. well, this is not so clear.. but here are my thoughts, as the plug and regulator face down in the door.. my guess is water ingress is from the outer sill seal to the door, allowing water to be sprayed/blown into the door void via the vent holes at the skin seams.. this is just my guess.. but some effort should be made to prevent futher water ingress, and some suggestions would be to use silicon around the plug and wiring. Do not put a rag in the door, this seemingly harmless idea is a fire risk.